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29 West 25th Street
New York, NY, 10010
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Annex Markets, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 9th Avenue and West 39th Street and  Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street off 6th Avenue, have set the standard for NYC flea and antiques markets, where the fashion éclat, designers, collectors, and top-notch hagglers delight in fine old things, crafts, "makers' market" talent, vintage decorative arts, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, historical ephemera, vinyl records, artwork, prints, and more.

Top 6 Items You Can Find at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market Year Round


Top 6 Items You Can Find at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market Year Round

Chelsea Flea Market

1. Vinyl

Vinyl enthusiasts know there is a huge selection of vinyl at multiple stalls at the flea market. You can find vintage records such as The Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, and more. People said MP3s would take over the music world, but it seems records are here to stay. You can also go even farther back in time and purchase an authentic Victrola or 78 records.

2. Clothing

Street style in Manhattan is nothing without Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. There is vintage and new items. You can find a new, embellished French Connection dress that costs $300, but at the flea it is only $30! There are a ton of vintage fur coats, army uniforms, leather jackets, vintage dresses, petticoats, button-down shirts as well. There is also clothing from many parts of the world.

3. Jewelry & Accessories

It would not be a flea market with the wonderful collection of jewelry. There is vintage silver pieces that are a steal, handmade jewelry from local artisans in New York City, beaded necklaces from other countries, antique pins, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and more. Some vendors sell lapel pins, which are huge right now. For accessories, there are purses, shoes (including spiked platforms!), masks, army bags, vintage designer handbags, vintage glasses, and many other reasonably priced items. There are even old fire hats to get ready for Halloween.

4. Art

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market has many local artists that have booths. They also have a grant program you should check out! Anyways, not only is there new art you could buy at a reasonable price… there is vintage and antique art too! There are vintage lithographic prints, screen prints, band posters, sculptures, paintings, and more!

5. Antique & Vintage Home Décor

Interior designers come to the flea market to find inspiration. Vintage home décor is trending in restaurants, apartments, coffee shops, and other places in New York City. There are vintage instruments, small pieces of furniture, old school telephones, retro kitchen goods, silverware, vintage bottles and boxes, antique cameras, cigar boxes, retro toys, and many other items for sale.

6. Trinkets From Around the Globe

For many locals, leaving New York City is very expensive. The cool thing is New York City is a global hub. We have multiple vendors who sell items from many parts of the world. You can purchase items from Nepal, Africa, Middle East, Central America, and many other places. There are dyed fabrics, glassworks, sculptures, artworks, purses, ceramics, beads, jewelry from all over the world.