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Annex Markets, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 9th Avenue and West 39th Street and  Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street off 6th Avenue, have set the standard for NYC flea and antiques markets, where the fashion éclat, designers, collectors, and top-notch hagglers delight in fine old things, crafts, "makers' market" talent, vintage decorative arts, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, historical ephemera, vinyl records, artwork, prints, and more.


Flea Market Finds for Everyone: The Traveler

Chelsea Flea Market

One of the best and the worst parts about traveling is that you’re limited to how much you can bring with you and take home. It’s a good thing because it leaves you free to be able to move about easily without any encumbrance. However, if you’re an avid traveler you can probably recall the numerous occasions that you have found something really amazing on a trip that was not quite packable. Nonetheless, there are still many a wonderful packable size treasures worth discovering at your trip to the market. Here are some of our favorites:

The authentic NYC souvenir: Times Square is packed full of plenty of tourist shops with “I Love NY” t-shirts, mugs, and more. Swap out the trendy treasure for an authentic treasure such as:

·         vintage license plates

·         jewelry

·         NYC themed coasters

·         comic books

The Ancient Treasure: If you love antiques then you’ll find so many to discover at the markets. They are the souvenir that comes with a built-in story because they have a legacy that’s extends beyond one lifetime.

The Perfect Gift: everyone loves receiving a gift. Find great gift ideas at the market that are an original and authentic way of telling someone special that you were thinking of them.

The Fashion Find: there’s always room for one extra dress or top in your suitcase. Browse the great vintage clothing at the market and find something that speaks to your personal style.

Takeaway Tip: Think Small & Make a Big Impact!  Sometimes it’s the treasures in the smallest packages that are the best! Not only are they easy to tote home but often they are the treasures that last a lifetime.