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29 West 25th Street
New York, NY, 10010
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Annex Markets, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 9th Avenue and West 39th Street and  Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street off 6th Avenue, have set the standard for NYC flea and antiques markets, where the fashion éclat, designers, collectors, and top-notch hagglers delight in fine old things, crafts, "makers' market" talent, vintage decorative arts, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, historical ephemera, vinyl records, artwork, prints, and more.


Shopping at the Markets: Tourists & Residents

Chelsea Flea Market

Take a Tourist Angle

Whether you’re a tourist seeing the sights of the city or a NYC resident living your life, the markets have something for everyone, often in ways you might not have imagined.

See a side of NYC that you might not have imagined…

As a tourist visiting all of the sites around NYC and amongst the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget that NYC is a community and home to millions just like any other city. The “human touch” of this sense of community can be lost at tourist attractions but the markets echo this sense of community.

Learn something about the past…

Whether or not you’re interested in collecting antiques or vintage items, it’s always fascinating to learn something about your past. Peruse through the older merchandise, ask questions and catch a glimpse into how things were made, preserved and utilized.

A unique souvenir…

One of the best things about coming back from a trip is when you bring home something that’s truly unique and authentic to the place you visited. The merchandise at the markets is a welcome, refreshing view away from the trendy souvenirs and allows you to take a different piece of NYC with you.

Revisiting like a Resident

The markets are just outside your door or a subway ride away.  But you say to yourself, what can you expect to find at the markets that you have not already seen or experienced? That’s a great question!

The Cultural Experience that Rejuvenates…

If you’re restless to leave the city on the weekends it may be that you’re restless for culture. Sometimes the culture of the city can seem to be falling adrift, especially if you’ve been a resident of NYC for many years. But, as long as people are still in the city then culture still exists. One of the great things about the markets is that they still resonate the culture of old New York in a modern world. Plus, you’ll find international and culturally diverse merchandise.


Did you know at Chelsea Flea Market you can explore European, Asian & American antiques?

Or that you can find authentic Nepalese wares at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market?

Or find rare museum quality African masks and textiles at Chelsea Flea Market?

The Reward of the Revisit…

The best shoppers not only know the best places to shop but they also understand one of the most basic principles of shopping is being diligent in revisiting, especially to destinations that have turnover of new merchandise each week. You don’t know, until you go. Some weeks you’ll find things that are better than other weekends but regardless you’ll find something. Whether it’s an experience or a great piece of merchandise, there’s always a reward in the revisit.