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Annex Markets, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 9th Avenue and West 39th Street and  Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street off 6th Avenue, have set the standard for NYC flea and antiques markets, where the fashion éclat, designers, collectors, and top-notch hagglers delight in fine old things, crafts, "makers' market" talent, vintage decorative arts, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, historical ephemera, vinyl records, artwork, prints, and more.


Shop Like a Pro: Tip #9

Chelsea Flea Market

Persistency Pays Off

One of the best things about the markets is that they’re open every weekend, year round. It gives shoppers the opportunity to explore each weekend for antiques, vintage, collectibles and much more!

 Many avid antique collectors know the benefit of attending the markets regularly on the hunt for their favorite items. Beyond just the everyday find, visiting the markets each week gives you an advantage and expertise over the less frequent shopper. The more you visit, the more you learn and, naturally, the more  opportunities you have. Here are some things to remember on your weekly visits.  

a.)    Going once, twice, sold! The markets are a great go-to place to find rare finds that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. If you don’t see what you’re looking for one weekend, come back the next or connect with a vendor who sells similar merchandise and let them know what you’re looking for. They can keep you in the loop when they find items that pique your interest.

b.)    The Joy of the Hunt: even if you come to the market set on buying one particular item, keep looking. You may find something that you’ve never seen before and instantaneously fall in love. This is what we call “the joy of the hunt.” You may not walk away with what you intended but something still worth your while and with a story to tell about it.

c.)     Don’t underestimate the power of a place: the same place each weekend can really pay off. Although the markets are open each weekend, there’s something to be said for the ever changing merchandise and the variety of vendors selling at the markets. When you familiarize yourself with a particular market or two, each visit is full of magic because of the connections that you make.

Stay tuned for more tips to shop like a pro! Can’t wait to see you at the markets this weekend!