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Annex Markets, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 9th Avenue and West 39th Street and  Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street off 6th Avenue, have set the standard for NYC flea and antiques markets, where the fashion éclat, designers, collectors, and top-notch hagglers delight in fine old things, crafts, "makers' market" talent, vintage decorative arts, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, historical ephemera, vinyl records, artwork, prints, and more.

Vendor Spotlight:  Andrea Hall Levy of Lofty Vintage at Chelsea Flea Market


Vendor Spotlight: Andrea Hall Levy of Lofty Vintage at Chelsea Flea Market

Chelsea Flea Market

Q: What items do you sell at the market?

A: I sell women’s vintage clothing and accessories from the turn of the century through the 80s.  The items are both for design inspiration and wearable pieces for fashion conscientious women.

Q: How long have you been at the market?

A: I had shopped at the Garage for the past 20 years. I started selling at the Garage in March and when it closed I moved to Chelsea Flea Market where I am now.

Q: What do you love about the items that you sell?

A: I like the mystery of the untold story and bringing new life to vintage items.  I’ve been selling vintage for the past 15 years or so it makes me happy to see new generations have an understanding and enthusiasm for designs from the past.

Q: What inspired you to get into the business of selling these products?

A: I’ve been collecting and wearing vintage clothing and jewelry since my teens.  I knew even then that it was a way for me to stand out from the crowd on a teenager’s budget.  I began selling jewelry and then branched out into clothing and other accessories.  

Q: What can shoppers expect to find at your booth?

A: Since my collection is so expansive I am able to bring new things to the market each time I set up.  I try to anticipate what my customers will be looking for based on upcoming trends.  My clients always look forward to seeing fresh stock in my booth.

Stay in touch with Andrea by visiting her website and stop by her booth at Chelsea Flea Market to shop for great vintage items.

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