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Annex Markets, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 9th Avenue and West 39th Street and  Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street off 6th Avenue, have set the standard for NYC flea and antiques markets, where the fashion éclat, designers, collectors, and top-notch hagglers delight in fine old things, crafts, "makers' market" talent, vintage decorative arts, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, historical ephemera, vinyl records, artwork, prints, and more.



Eat, Flea & Be Merry!

Chelsea Flea Market

You all know a great place to be this weekend is the 9th Avenue Food Festival, and we’ll be there, too.  Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market will be hosting a booth on 9th Avenue between 42nd /43rd streets – just 3 short blocks from our own home!   Come see us to get your official Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market t-shirts and totes. (Psssstt…insider secret – there are $5 off coupons in the back issues of W42st magazine @w42st – their booth is just one block away from us.)  We will have giveaways and are hosting a raffle all weekend for a $50 dinner gift certificate to the delicious HK Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant.  See all of their delights here:

When the moon hits your eye in Hell’s Kitchen – everyone’s favorite accordion player!

Chelsea Flea Market

If you walk through the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on a sunny Saturday or Sunday seeking your next treasure or unique piece of history to take home with you, you might find a genuine treasure playing the accordion right in the middle of 39th Street.   Unlike your other treasures, this is not for sale, and this piece of New York City & Hell’s Kitchen history can only be kept in your hearts and memory.

But who is this mysterious musician???  Giovanni Quartuccia; some call him the Mayor of Hell’s Kitchen.  Quick with a smile and an accepting nod, he is like a grandpa to all of us.  Giovanni was born in Calabritto, Italy and moved his young family to England for a short time but always knew NYC was calling him.  With NYC being the historical, welcoming home of immigrants seeking new opportunity,  a quick trip across the pond was what Giovanni and family did and settled right into Hell’s Kitchen in the early 60s.   Giovanni and family are still deeply embedded into the community after watching many waves of neighborhood changes.

Working as a barber in the nearby Port Authority for 35 years, he cut the hair of thousands of commuters and touched many lives with his laugh, his lovely accent and stories from the old country.  He is the keeper of secrets of the stories that passed through his chair and has endured the never-ending stream of construction and changes in his community, from gangs to crime, poverty to construction… and more construction.  He should be called the saint of Hell’s Kitchen.   

We invite you to stop by on a sunny day and listen to history through the sound of his accordion that he has played for nearly 80 years.  The songs are filled with his memories and his legacy.  We thank you for keeping community in the ever changing neighborhood and we are proud to know you, Mr. Quartuccia.

What's in your news?

Chelsea Flea Market

Annex Markets is sad to announce the passing of longtime Chelsea vendor Jamie Vallejo following an extended illness. We offer our condolences to his family and friends.

Are you a current shopper?  Send us pictures of your treasures via Facebook or Instagram and you will be entered into a raffle for an Annex Market tote bag!


Chelsea Flea Market


[New York, N.Y. May 6, 2016] The Hell’s Kitchen Foundation today announced it is accepting applications for grant awards.  Established by Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market founder Alan Boss, the Foundation grants ranging from $2000 - $5000 are awarded annually to provide financial assistance to Hell’s Kitchen’s resident visual artists.  New and under-recognized neighborhood artists are encouraged to apply.

“These awards are a natural extension of our mission in this neighborhood to recognize and preserve the historical significance of the Hell’s Kitchen arts community,” said Foundation Chair Inge Ivchenko. “We want to help members of our creative community in Hell’s Kitchen thrive. The Foundation grants cash awards to help artists pursue their art, explore new ideas and projects, and complete projects already underway.”

To qualify for consideration, artists must be actively engaged in creating visual art as defined in the application form and have their sole residence located within an area bounded by West 57th Street to the north, West 34th Street to the south, Twelfth Avenue to the west, and Eight Avenue to the east. Specific guidelines and applications are available on Hell’s Kitchen Foundation’s website. The
application can be submitted by mail or electronically. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to afford the board an opportunity to review them on or before its next board meeting on May 25, 2016.

ABOUT THE HELL’S KITCHEN FOUNDATION.  The Hell's Kitchen Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, awards grants to visual artists living in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. The Foundation is the designated community sponsor of Hell's Kitchen Flea Market and is rooted in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and New York City's art and civic-minded communities. Its board is all volunteer, and the foundation has no paid staff.

In Wake of St.Sava Fire, City Agencies Authorize Chelsea Flea Market to Open This Weekend

Chelsea Flea Market

In the wake of the tragic fire at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava, the New York City agencies have authorized the western part of Chelsea Flea Market to be open for business this weekend. This means, approximately half of the market will operate business as usual this weekend, May 7th & 8th.

E-Waste Recycling Event May 7th at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

Chelsea Flea Market

Bring your unwanted electronics and recycle them this weekend at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market! The Lower East Side Ecology Center is bringing one of their great e-waste events to Hell's Kitchen!

What: E-Waste Recycling Event Hell's Kitchen

Where: Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, West 39th Street (at 10th Avenue side of the market)

When: Saturday, May 7, 2016 10:00am - 4:00pm

Here are the electronics that you can bring and recycle.

  • Computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables,
  • TVs (all sizes),
  • VCR & DVD players,
  • Phones, audio/visual equipment,
  • Video games
  • Cell phones

Prayers for Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava

Chelsea Flea Market

The staff of the Annex Markets — Chelsea Flea Market & Hell's Kitchen Flea Market — extend their sympathies to the congregation of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava in the wake of last night's tragic blaze that severely damaged the structure, which in 1982 was added to the National Registry of Historic Places. 

We are extremely grateful that there were no serious injuries and that the community is safe. The FDNY is on site and continuing to monitor the situation. 

Annex Markets has had a presence in Chelsea in the West 20s since 1976, and Chelsea Flea Market has been the cathedral's weekend neighbor for several years.

We are waiting for news about the situation and what impact if any it will have on the operations of Chelsea Flea Market for the weekend of May 7–8. We will share updates as soon as possible via e-mail and on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

To make donations or show support for the congregation click HERE



Chelsea Flea Market

The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market team has recently welcomed Erin Bennett, Manager of Marketing & Community Relations. Erin was born in Brooklyn, loves to cook, and shop for unique jewelry at the market.  She is obsessed with elephants & Vikings!   

“I’m excited to be part of a team that is working diligently to preserve the legacy of outdoor markets that have existed in Hell’s Kitchen since the 1800s.  In the ever-changing landscape of our city and technology, we want to create and preserve a space for interfacing with our neighbors and community in person. 

"Since joining the staff I’ve developed a marketing plan and community integration opportunities that include activities for everyone - treasure hunters, antique seekers, artists, kids, pets, and more.  Stay tuned for the upcoming calendar of events, be sure to like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter for updates.  Come by the market and say Hi!"


Chelsea Flea Market

Do you live in Hell’s Kitchen?

Do you have a window view of the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market @ 39th Street.  

Snap and submit your best photo for a chance to be highlighted in an upcoming newsletter.  Send your photo to


Chelsea Flea Market


Hell's Kitchen Foundation, Inc. provides financial assistance to Hell's Kitchen resident artists to assist them in pursuing their art. If you are an artist in the Hell’s Kitchen community you can read the qualifications, rules and fill out an application HERE 

Top 3 Reasons Why the Markets are the Place to Be This Weekend

Chelsea Flea Market

New York City, the weekend is here! Here are the top 3 reasons why the markets are the place to be this weekend!

1.)    We’ve got a Full House: both Chelsea Flea Market & Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market will be teeming with vendors this weekend bringing a great selection of merchandise with them. 

Insiders Tip: our vendors spend their week searching for one-of-a-kind merchandise to bring to the market each weekend. Arrive early for prime picking on the first crop of merchandise.

2.)    New Improvements: Each weekend you’ll find many new improvements at the market. At Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market we revamped the signage, added seating and are making the market a more interactive community experience.

3.)    Soak up the Sun: the weather forecast this weekend is sunny skies and warmer temperatures. It’s the perfect weather to be outside and explore the markets.

Why Does “Old New York” matter to a “New” New Yorker?

Chelsea Flea Market

If you’re a recent resident or tourist to New York City then most likely, many of your experiences in town reflect  “New” New Yorker experiences, the iconic or Hollywood-inspired ones: visiting the Empire State Building, dining at a Michelin starred restaurant or strolling through Central Park. But there is an underground “Old” New York culture sometimes unknown to a “New” New Yorker. These are the insider experiences that are normally heard about through recommendations from locals and speak to the very essence of New York City culture.

Whether you’ve been living in the city for decades or days, here are three “old” New York Experiences that you don’t want to miss out on.

1.)    Commute like an old New Yorker via the MTA Transit Museum. Located inside an old subway station take a trip back in time to view the evolution of the MTA transit system in New York. It still remains one of the most efficient and economical ways to travel around New York City.

2.)    Eat like old New York. You can’t really visit NYC without stopping for a slice. It’s one of the original street foods for the New Yorker on the go. From the top broker on Wall Street to kids after school, pizza is an authentic New York City food on the go. Places like Patsy’s Pizza and Joe’s Pizza are some of the pizza icons to NYC. Quintessential to the culture, both have stayed true to serving up the best slice in the city.

3.)    Shop like old New York: beyond the flagship stores of Fifth Avenue and Times Square the open air markets are such a classic, must-see old New York experience. The flea markets of New York City are essential. Unlike any other markets in the world, the flea markets of NYC have overcome the odds of the ever changing landscape of New York City real estate. They have survived relocation, renovation and restoration in the city and are still known by locals as a destination to explore and find unique treasures.

So if you’re a “New” New Yorker, make sure that you take a sample of all that “Old” New York has to offer. You just might find that these are the things that make New York, New York.

Earth Day, Every Day

Chelsea Flea Market

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22nd but we believe in celebrating Earth Day every day! Here’s how you can celebrate Earth Day with us:

1.)    E-Waste Recycling Event: the Lower East Side Ecology Center is hosting an E-Waste Recycling Event at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday, May 7th! Click here for more information and how you can participate in this great event!

2.)    Shop Local: shopping local not only means better quality but it’s also more sustainable for the environment and a great way to support your local community.

3.)    Shop Secondhand: not only is it a great way to find something unique and one-of-a-kind, it’s also a very economical way of shopping and saving a little money too.

We all have a role to play in preserving the planet. Whether you can contribute big or small, you can make a difference!

Vendor Spotlight: Jerry Tartaglia & Michael Stolbach

Chelsea Flea Market



Meet Jerry Tartaglia and Michael Stolbach. Jerry is an indie filmmaker and Michael is a professor. But on Saturdays you can find them at Chelsea Flea Market chatting with enthused shoppers. Their specialty is vintage photography and frames. Well preserved, the photos harken to an earlier era featuring mostly black and white photography. Some are portraits while others are family photos capturing the stories of generations. Special find: hunt for candid snapshots and slides documenting history in motion. Additionally the walls of their booth are clad with frames in a variety of styles and sizes.














Vendor Spotlight: Richard Lambert

Chelsea Flea Market

Meet Richard Lambert. Selling antiques, silver, framed art, vintage photos and accessories his booth is full of variety. Selling at Chelsea Flea Market every Saturday, Richard fills his booth with framed artwork and glass cases full of treasures. If you’re searching for a unique treasure, discover his collection of vintage patches and stickers. Commonly distributed by airlines in 1940s and 1950s, these stickers are a rare retro find. Also, ask him about an authentic bronze table mirror holder. An ornately, handcrafted antique, it’s a treasure straight out of a fairy tale.

Vendor Spotlight: Hank Grossman

Chelsea Flea Market

Meet Hank Grossman. Selling with the markets for 40 years he is a seasoned veteran in his expertise. Hank sells Bakelite jewelry, vintage board games, vintage signs and Josephine Baker inspired art.  In pristine condition, Hank’s museum-worthy merchandise is worth the visit to his booth. Plus with prices starting at less than $10 there’s something for everyone.  Be sure to check out rare Parisian-inspired Bakelite pendants and earrings. Find Hank at Chelsea Flea Market each Saturday.






Vendor Spotlight: Ousman Camara

Chelsea Flea Market

Meet Ousman Camara. Originally from Mali, he has been selling with the markets since the days of the Antiques Garage. Now a regular vendor at Chelsea Flea Market, he can be found each weekend selling authentic African masks, textiles, beads and art. Plus, if you’re looking for something really one-of-a kind, ask him about his painted goat skins from Mali. This durable fabric is traditionally used to make djembes, a type of drum originating from Western Africa. Ask him about other great uses of the fabric too including accessories and clothing.

Vendor Spotlight: Ahmed Camara

Chelsea Flea Market

Meet Ahmed Camara. Originally from Gambia, he has been selling at Chelsea Flea Market for just over one year but his experience is boundless. He sells some of the finest crystals, gemstones, rocks and crystallized coral that you’ll find in the city. With a large collection of all-natural the crystals there is a large variety to choose from. Ahmed is a regular at Chelsea Flea Market and you can find him there every Saturday & Sunday.

Unique Find: Keep an eye out for vibrant purple crystals and crystallized coral pieces (you won’t miss them)!

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market History

Chelsea Flea Market

Did you know? Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (HKFM) beckons back to the days of Paddy's Market that existed in the very same place in the 1870s to the late 1930s. The history of NYC is never buried but always just given an additional layer to continue the same great story about the boroughs that make up this great city.

Back in the days when the Empire State Building was the tallest building in NYC and the Ninth Avenue El train was still in service charging just a nickel per trip, a thriving market, known as Paddy’s Market, spanned Ninth Avenue between 38th Street & West 42nd Street. Push cart vendors would roll into the market selling anything from the local catch of the day to produce to household items. The bustling market existed as a major place of commerce to the neighborhood predominately inhabited by immigrants.

With the construction of the Lincoln Tunnel in 1937 the market was forced to a vacant lot and eventually closed for good on July 16th, 1938. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association and the Design Trust for Public Space approached Annex Markets owner, Alan boss, about opening up a flea market on the street in Hell’s Kitchen. They had been searching for ways to revitalize
Hell’s Kitchen specifically around the Lincoln Tunnel and a market seemed like the perfect solution; thus formed the inception of Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

On May 6th, 2003 the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market opened for the first time. Chock-full of vendors selling everything from handmade soaps to antiques to produce to vintage clothing the market debuted on the scene of Hell’s Kitchen as a success. The market still lives on today as a market in the community and for the community, and as a global destination for tourists and New Yorkers from all five boroughs, too. For every HKFM shopper, the market offers a unique NYC experience: a pedestrian-friendly treasure-hunting adventure with a special feel of history and neighborhood. Although the surroundings have changed, the mission behind the market remains the same: to create a community asset providing livelihoods while also harkening back to the days of open-air markets as community gathering places.

Easter Weekend: Yes, Both Markets are Open!

Chelsea Flea Market

Looking for a great way to spend your Easter weekend in the city? Spend it with us at the markets!

Both Chelsea Flea Market & Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market will be open this Easter weekend! With sunny skies and mild weather it's a great weekend to shop al fresco!

So gather together your family & friends and spend some of your day strolling and shopping at the markets. You might not spot the Easter Bunny but you’ll be sure to find some one of a kind items for sale.