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Happy Birthday Bill Cunningham

Annex Markets

“This place makes style,” Cunningham said in response to Annex Markets owner Alan Boss when he thanked him for the story he wrote for the New York Times about the market. Back in 1986 was when Cunningham first took notice of the market, snapped several photos and compiled together a story in the New York Times. No stranger to the markets Cunningham was often seen photographing “street fashion” that paraded through the market in search of one of a kind fashion.

This place makes style.
— Bill Cunningham

While it’s true that you never know what you’re going to find at the market, moreover you never know who you’re going to find. The markets have resonated profoundly for decades within the fashion community in New York City as a hidden gem to find inspiration or unique one of a kind fashion wares. Also, with Chelsea Flea Market being just a short walk from F.I.T. the location has played a tremendous impact in the weekly turnout.

As Cunningham noted, it’s during the warmer months that the fashion at the market comes out in droves with eclectically clad shoppers searching for equally eclectic fashions. Several of the vendors at the market know and cater to this fashion crowd with one- of- a-kind designer vintage items that feed back into the fashion inspiration for the upcoming seasons.