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Curios at the Chelsea Flea Market


Curios at the Chelsea Flea Market

Annex Markets

Summer is over and all the weird children (like me) are joyfully running outside! The weather is getting cooler and soon we will be able to play dress up for one night. Next month is All Hallow's Eve! It's time to stock up on curios! 

Bart Tarulli sells really unusual stuff. He sells brick-a-brac, eclectic mid-century modern, strange Victorian and Edwardian oddities. This includes vintage and antique photographs, furniture, statues, artwork, toys, electronics, signs, and more.

Tarulli in Orange (center)

Tarulli in Orange (center)

For those who are curio collectors and have your own  “wunderkammer”, you will find your heart’s content. Tarulli will help you find your conversation piece for that next house party of yours. Or, spooky photos or art necessary for Halloween! It is never too early to stock up on antique torture devices for those spooky nights in October!