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Found at the Flea: Donald Trump


Found at the Flea: Donald Trump

Annex Markets

We prowled the Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen Flea Markets last weekend in search of an item that shoppers found particularly captivating.

Hell’s Kitchen Flea vendor Stephanie Wedgewood didn’t hesitate when we asked if she had an item that seemed to be attracting the attention of almost every shopper who passed by: A Donald Trump doll. Stephanie pointed out The Donald's virtues including his original packaging and his ability to say You’re Fired! As soon as she began to discuss The Donald, shoppers gathered in a small group to get a closer look.  Indeed, there was even some discussion about whether Donald should be considered a doll or an action figure. The only child in the group, a 10-year-old who professed expertise on the matter, assured us that The Donald was a doll, and not an action hero because after all, action heroes have super powers. Either way, the Donald Trump doll is a great collectable, a possible investment in American political history, and conversation starter for a coffee table anywhere in the world!