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Planning Your Trip to the Market: A Fashion Tour of the Market

Annex Markets

Whether you live 5,000 miles away from the markets or just 5 minutes, planning your trip to the market is a great way to prioritize what you want to see. The weather is finally starting to warm and weekends are a great time to explore al fresco in the city. When you’re looking for that unique, one of a kind, local experience the markets are your go to destination. Here’s a preview of some of the fashionable things you can expect to find.

Vintage & Modern Clothing: whether you’re looking for a new leather coat, a fringe vest or a pair of winged tipped shoes the assortment of vintage clothing at the market is unlike any other. Sold by vendors that are vintage clothing experts, like Lulu at Chelsea Flea Market or Anthony at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, they’ll give you the story behind the story of the merchandise.

Jewelry: whether you’re keen on hand crafted modern, vintage, sterling silver or costume jewelry; you can find it all at the markets. Artfully displayed, look for vendors like Carol Kopman, set up at the front of Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

Antiques from all over the world: at Chelsea Flea Market we have an eclectic group on vendors selling European, Asian, American antiques and more. The hard core buyers show up at sunrise for prime picking before the crowds arrive. Check out Anthony Bugos’ authentic French antiques or Dennis Robida’s eclectic and rare collections at Chelsea Flea Market.

Plus so much more! Join us this weekend at both markets for a great way to spend your day in the city!