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Spotted…and Sold for $23,000 at Chelsea Flea Market: Rare, Early Electron Microscope

Annex Markets

What would you do if you arrived at Chelsea Flea Market one Saturday and you stumbled upon an electron microscope? If you were a scientist, you’d stop, take a look and make a purchase. That’s just what happened this weekend at the market. The electron microscope sold for a whopping $23,000. Electron microscopes were pioneered in the 1930s. They are some of the most advanced microscopes because of their extreme high magnification capability. They magnify objects through an electron beam that creates a highly magnified image of the specimen examined.  They’re most credited for their ability to magnify and understand the molecular structure of cells.

That’s why we say, you never know what you’re going to find at the markets. It’s always worth the trip to see what you might find.

P.S. Spotted: original and candid shots of Marilyn Monroe were also spotted this weekend. What will you find when you go the markets?

Annex Markets…the treasure hunt starts with you!