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An Authentic New York City Experience

Annex Markets

Authenticity, what is it? It’s something we all innately crave. Whether a resident or a tourist in New York City it can be hard to find. We look to experience something like we’ve seen in the movies about New York in real life.

The markets resonate with the authenticity tone of New York City. Their origin is steeped in decades of an ever changing city that has become a travel capital.

What is it about the markets that are that authentic NYC experience?

1.)    Walk in the shoes of yesteryears: going to the markets is like visiting a cultural museum. Full of items that represent an era of days gone by.

2.)    Experience shopping old New York style. Before the days on online shopping and auctions, the one real way to find something you’re looking for meant you woke up early and ventured out to the antique markets.

3.)    It’s what an everyday New Yorker does. When you live in a city, tourist attractions are at the bottom of your to-do list. Residents fill the flea markets of the city to find something unique and to have a good time.

4.)    A treasurable takeaway:  whether it’s a collectible treasure or a memorable story there is always a treasurable takeaway in store at the markets.

Bonus Tip: A picture says a thousand words. Check out this photo album of the markets Then & Now. You’ll see that they’re really not so different after all. Create your own personal memory to share and snap and photo and pick up a signature frame at the market and treasure the memories made.