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A Good Antique is like a Good Piece of Real Estate

Annex Markets

Real estate in New York City is unlike any place in the world. Ever growing, changing and regulating, its value is rarely ever diminished even with dips in the economy. Antiques are much like real estate; they’re a piece of property, with an existing quantifiable worth, that continues to grow in value over time. Still not convinced? Here are some of our top reasons why antiques are the real estate to the younger generation.

Growth: like real estate, antiques will always possess a quantifiable value that tends to grow over time and get better with time. Even with dips in the market that may cause the market to shift—changing tastes, say, or an economic downturn when people are spending less—ultimately its worth and value cannot be diminished (unless it is improperly cared for, also like real estate!).

Origin: while the value of real estate varies per neighborhood, the value of an antique also varies by its origin. Was it from the Victorian era or the 1900s? Does it have originality that can enhance its worth? Can its origin be proven and attested to? These are all great questions to ask and consider when hunting for antique treasurers.

Investment Potential: like real estate, antiques possess investment potential. No matter how small you start out, if you research and nurture your investment you will see growth.