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Reduced Vendor Rates at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Annex Markets

Start off 2016 with some savings!

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market has reduced our rates from $90 per day to $70 per day! That’s a savings of over 20% each weekend! That means for $70 you’ll get a 10x10 booth space to set up shop at the market! It’s never been a better time to be a part of the market. Call (212) 243-5343 & make your reservation for this weekend! 2016 is going to be a great year at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market! Come be a part of one of New York City’s oldest flea markets!

Q:  Is the rate change only for the winter months?

A: No, it’s for the entire year so even if you’re hibernating this winter, you can still sell at the market in the spring and save.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Call our office during business hours (10am to 6pm, Wednesday to Friday) and make a reservation.

Q: If I’m a nonprofit, do I pay the same rate?

A: No, nonprofits can set up at the market for free. If you’re interested, please call our office and make your space reservation. We’ll need proof of your 501(c)(3) status on record before you can set up.

The rent for the booths near the front with high visibility has been reduced from $100/day to $80/day.

Pro Tip: Are you an online retailer? Try a pop up shop at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market!

Pop-Up Shop HOW-TO GUIDE: Plan ahead and select the weekend that you’d like to do a pop-up shop. Call and reserve your booth space. Alert your shoppers via an email blast and social media. Get ready for a great weekend at the market!


First Time Vendors can save 50% OFF their first weekend at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market! So, if you've never sold at the market before and you're interested in giving it a try, join us at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for this special deal!

*Tables, chairs and tent rentals are not included in the rent price.