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Happy Haggling: The Art of Haggling

Annex Markets

Are you an expert haggler? Have you always wanted to be but not sure what to say? Looking for new ways to improve your haggling strategy? Here are a few basic tips to get you started.

Know where to Go: there’s always a time and a place for haggling. It’s good to identify when and where you have the opportunity and the antique and flea markets are a great place to try out your haggling skills.

Be Fair: haggling within reason means offering a fair price. Everyone loves a good deal but being fair about the price means making an offer within reason.

What’s Worth the Cost: decide ahead of time if it’s something you really want or something you’re willing to walk away from. If it’s worth the time of haggling, it might be worth the cost. Most times if you don’t pick it up that day, it won’t be there the next time.

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See you at the markets!