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Destined for Design

Annex Markets

Whether you just landed a new place in the city or you’re looking to make an old place new again look to the markets for your design essentials and inspiration. Are you up for a design challenge? Here are three of our favorite design essentials you can find when shopping at the markets.

Artwork: whether you love contemporary, classic or even industrial artwork the markets are a haven for art. You can find paintings, sculptures, and more to enhance your space.

Textiles & Fabrics: make those old kitchen table chairs new again with a different fabric. Revive a space with a classic rug or drapes. Accentuate your lounge with accent pillows or a classic quilt. Just a little bit of fabric can go a long way to transform a room.

Furnishings: sometimes it’s time to retire a piece of furniture that’s well-worn and has served its purpose. There are many options of furniture stores but why not check out the markets. A one of a kind piece will set you apart and give your apartment that special character that you’re looking for.