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Passion Propelling the Markets

Annex Markets

Like any business, at its very essence the markets are driven by a passion. Our passion to facilitate and create an environment for independent antique dealers and business owners to sell, reach and grow their audience. We do this in a threefold way:

Tools for Success

  • We outline what you need to sell at the markets in terms of permits and paperwork.
  • We provide the essential rentals (booth space, tents, tables, and chairs) to make your life easier.
  • We provide support through our branding/marketing (under the Annex Markets umbrella you’ll see our active website, blog, social media, advertising and community engagement.

  Destination Location

On average 50 million visitors come to New York City each year. Manhattan still remains the most popular borough. Chelsea & Hell’s Kitchen are two thriving neighborhoods in Manhattan for tourists and residents alike. Both market locations are in central locations and close to many great attractions in the city.

  Passion Meets Place

A wise person once said, “When you enjoy the work you do, you’ll never work a single day in your life.” Selling at the markets enables you to take your passion and let it become your business.

Want to know more? Visit the Sell at the Markets page on our website, call us at 212-243-5343 or send us an email at