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Flea Market Finds for Gifts --Is There Really Something for Everyone?

Annex Markets

Think of the flea markets as a variety show. Each weekend you’ll find different vendors with different merchandise. Like a variety show, one weekend might be more exciting than the other but the thing is, you keep coming back because the moments that you do find something are worth the wait!

Sure you’ve heard it said, at the flea markets you can find something for everyone. But is that true? Explore with us as we discover what the flea markets have to offer.

Find the perfect project for… Mister or Miss Fix It

We all know someone that is extremely handy. They just have a knack for looking at something and being able to identify what needs fixing and how to fix it. While much of the merchandise at the market does not require any handy work, here are some great opportunities to consider:

  • Re-upholster a pair of vintage chairs. Adding a new pattern can make a world of a difference!
  • Sand & stain a corner table.
  • Re-purpose old vintage frames for new wall collage.