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Flea Market Fashion in the Fashion Capital?

Annex Markets

NYC is known to be amongst one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city has become such a mecca for major retail stores and independent boutiques. Many people come to NYC just to shop! With all of the shopping avenues available, why should you consider shopping for great fashion at a flea market?

1.)    What’s Old Is New Again: fashion trends have been constantly re-evolving over the decades. Vintage clothing frequently becomes the inspiration for many modern day trends in terms of style, material, designs and fabric.

2.)    Out of the Ordinary: what’s great about flea markets is that you’re bound to find something that is out of the ordinary. For one, there will most likely be only one of what you find, so you won’t see your outfit all over town. Two, it’s probably going to be something that you would not find in conventional modern fashion.

3.)    Back to Basics: if you appreciate the craftsmanship of how clothing is made, then you will appreciate many of the vintage finds at the market. Look at the zippers, stitching and fabric for some clear giveaways on quality. Since clothing was not always mass produced in the past, you’ll find garments that were hand crafted.

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