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Flea Market Frenzy

Annex Markets

You can feel it coming on, but you know that there’s no way to stop it. It makes weekends even more exciting. Suddenly, hunting for treasure seems to be something that you look forward to. You might have Flea Market Frenzy.

With flea markets all over the world, there’s always an opportunity to shop and explore. But flea market frenzy is beyond just a weekly shopping trip.

 How do you know if you have flea market frenzy?

1.)    Every weekend it’s your standing plan to go to the market.

2.)    The vendors and staff know you by face and/or name.

3.)    Most of your apartment is chicly decorated with flea market finds.

4.)    You plan your vacation around visiting flea markets.

5.)    Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed is filled with posts from your favorite flea markets.

6.)    Weather is no obstacle for you. (Isn’t that what umbrellas & rain boots are for? Lol!)

7.)    You’re up so early for the markets that you’re the only one on the subway or road. (You take the saying “The early bird gets the worm” quite seriously; it is a way of life for your weekends at the markets.)

8.)    Your spouse or significant other has grown accustomed to your flea market shopping ways.

9.)    You know where all the best markets are located.

10.) Finding that one special treasure only amplifies your desire to shop at the flea markets more.

If you find yourself to have one or all of these symptoms of flea market frenzy, take heart, it's going to be a great weekend and it wouldn't be the same without you! See you at the markets!