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Design on Your Mind?

Annex Markets

Destined for Design? Spend a day at Chelsea Flea Market and discover some of the wonderful, inspirational design elements.

For years, the flea markets have been a haven for some of the world’s best designers. Why is it that designers seem to score the best merchandise? They have an eye for what works and they can see the potential in an item. Here are some things to take into consideration.

Choose a Theme: select a theme that is consistent with your interests. Do you like modern retro? Classic or traditional? Whatever you prefer, start there and begin to expand.

Work with Your Theme: choose design elements that incorporate and accentuate what you already have. This will enable you to grow beyond just the basics and complete an overall look and feel of a room.

Appreciate the Final Project: no matter what design elements you choose to incorporate into your theme, take the time to appreciate the fruits of your labor and get inspired for your next design shopping trip.