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Really…Rain or Shine?

Annex Markets

Yes, it’s true. The markets are open every weekend, year round, rain or shine. But, here are some things to keep in mind.

1.)    Come Early: even if it’s cloudy and looks like it might rain, come early and see if there are any vendors set up early to try and sell for a few hours before the rain or who have come equipped with a tent to withstand the rain.

2.)    Weather Effects: everyone loves to be outside in nice weather, including our vendors. Some merchandise is not equipped to withstand inclement weather. Keep in mind that if the weather forecast looks less than ideal it will probably mean a little less full of a market.

3.)    Be flexible: like any outdoor event, be flexible and know that the show will go on. Although the cast may be different that day, you can still expect a great day to be had.