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Vintage is the New Green

Annex Markets

In honor of Earth Day we’re giving you some of the top reasons to go vintage! Here are some reasons why:

  • Keeping Up with the Quality: The quality of clothing today does not compare with the ways textiles were made in the past. In some ways this is greatly impacted by the manufacturing process. Very little clothing and textiles are handmade in this era so the craftsmanship has taken an extreme shift.
  • All About Aesthetics: When it comes to vintage clothing, look for the gently-used pieces that speak of the era without looking as if they were actually passed down through 4 generations. No matter what your style you can find some great vintage clothing at the markets from many of our knowledgeable vendors.
  • Because It’s the Green Thing to Do: Earth Day is not just a cause to be embraced for one day but rather to fuel your green ambition year-round. Vintage clothing is a great way to not only express your style but to also save the planet too.