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Guess Who’s Talking about the Markets?

Annex Markets

It’s always such an honor to not only be mentioned in the press but to also be mentioned favorably in personal blogs and social media. The markets are built on community and for the community. We consider the community not only the residents of the city but also the travelers that spend time in the city and visit our markets. Here are a couple of the most recent mentions that we were delighted to hear.

Secondhand Travelers: a blog by flea market enthusiasts Lou & Mari Sarabando. Check out their experience exploring Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and the surrounding sights. Thanks Lou & Mari for such a great write up about HKFM. Glad to hear you had such a positive experience.

10 Best Flea Markets around the World by Chole Hamilton of The Independent

Take a tour around the world and discover some of the best flea markets. This list compiles some fascinating flea markets and among them you’ll find Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. Praised for its bargain prices and the ability to find just about anything “from precious jewels to designer vintage” we’re excited to have Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market featured on this list.

P.S. Have you written about the markets for press or for a blog? We’d love to hear about your experience! Share it with us via email at or via social media @annexmarkets.