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Why The Markets Exist? For the People, By the People

Annex Markets


It all started with a dream over 40 years ago by native New Yorker Alan Boss, to create an outdoor market for New Yorkers and tourists alike. As a small business owner, Boss understands the mind of other small business owners and believes in supporting their business by giving them a place to sell their merchandise within the markets.

Annex Markets, comprised of Chelsea Flea Market and Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, are all about building and contributing to the cultural fabric of NYC. With the ever changing real estate of NYC it’s easy to feel claustrophobic between the skyscrapers and confined underground in the subways. The open-air style of the markets brings the life and vitality of old New York back into a modern world. The essence of nostalgia blended with an embracement of entrepreneurism, the markets attest to the fact that some things, no matter how old or outdated they may be perceived, just get better with time.

We exist because of the people and for the people. Without you, we would not be here nor would our purpose be meaningful. Most of our vendors are NYC residents so by supporting them, you are supporting a group of several New York small business owners that sell at the markets. Keep the culture of NYC alive.