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Shop Like a Pro: Tip #8

Annex Markets

Hunt for Treasure

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? It’s whimsical, wonderful and almost always rewarding. Weekends at the markets are what treasure hunting dreams are made of. Part of the fun is not knowing what you’re going to find until you find it and then once you find it to unravel the story behind it. Here’s what we mean.

·         Goal or no goal: it’s good to establish whether or not you’re looking for one specific category of treasures (e.g. antique European furniture) or whether you’re open to any treasure. This will make a difference in how you navigate your trip at the markets.

·         Invest your time: there are certain items at the markets that you want to be an early buyer for. If you’re looking for rare antiques make it a priority to arrive early. You’ll get prime pick and a head start on the hunt.

·         Practice your patience: some of the best treasures can take the longest time to find. So if you spend the day hunting and still don’t find anything that tickles your fancy, relax and enjoy the joy of the hunt. There’s always another weekend and like true treasure hunting, you never know what you’re going to find.