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Market Muse: Spring Fashion Buzzing with Vintage

Annex Markets

Although the weather sure may not seem like it, spring is here. The shift from the dark winter wears are slowly but surely starting to shift into brighter, more welcoming colored clothes. Springtime is a great time to revive the vintage clothing in your wardrobe and to acquire some new vintage clothing to build on your collection.

·         Color blocking is not so vintage anymore…modern fashion trends have been replicating this trend many times over. The main differentiation comes down to the quality and the integrity of the piece. Authentic vintage pieces normally have a superior fabric and craftsmanship.

·         Retro Frames: what’s not to love about retro glasses and sunglasses? Once considered only for vintage parties, these retro frames have now become a trend within fashion. Swap out your aviators and opt for retro shades.

·         Less is more: less about quantity, more about quality. Whether it’s shoes, clothes, hats or jewelry it is far better to have a few fashion pieces of quality than an infinite wardrobe of junk. Be picky. If it’s taking you longer than 10 minutes to sift through your wardrobe and piece together an outfit then it might be time for a closet overhaul.

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