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Shop Like a Pro: Tip #7

Annex Markets

Expect the Unexpected

No two days at the markets are ever the same. With a plethora of vendors, shoppers and merchandise the dynamics are constantly changing and evolving. By expecting the unexpected, you can be pleasantly surprised to find that a day at the flea markets is always filled with fun!

a.)    Find a deal: shopping at the markets, you never know what you’re going to find but you’re sure to find a deal. The markets are an unconventional way of shopping that allows room for the art of negotiation. Don’t be afraid to offer up a fair price and you’ll probably find a good deal.

b.)    Find a treasure: a long lost childhood toy, a vintage dress that looks just like your grandma’s on her wedding day, an authentic piece of art by your favorite artist. At the markets, there’s always a treasure worth finding if you’re willing to make the trip. So why not go and explore the markets today?

c.)     Find a lifelong friend: ever run into the same people on the subway platform each morning? You’re both waiting for the subway to go to different places but at the same time. At the markets you’ll run into some of the same people shopping at the markets, at the same time, for different things. You never know if one of these encounters will spark a new friendship.  Also, seeing your favorite regular vendors you’ll find that they too become like old friends that you see each weekend.


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