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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Annex Markets

Annex Markets

With a presence in New York City dating back to the 1970s how have the Annex Markets stood the test of time to still be an iconic destination for residents and tourists alike?

Why does a day at the market create such a deep sense of nostalgia that’s hard to explain?

What impact do they have on the city of New York as it continues to grow and evolve?

Discover our top 10 reason why the Annex Markets are worth the visit!

1.)    They’re a NYC cultural experience: the culture of this city is not just found behind the doors of museums. Find it amongst the nooks and crannies of the old buildings and vibrant life of the city streets.

2.)    Find something un-trendy & unique. Be an individual with an outfit that stands out from the crowd. At Chelsea Flea & Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market you’ll find clothing that is vintage and modern but moreover it’s one of a kind.

3.)    Vintage & Antiques: the markets are full of vendors that specialize in antiques and vintage merchandise. Not only will you find great merchandise but the vendors are extremely knowledgeable about their merchandise and the history surrounding it.

4.)    It’s outdoors! So you may be thinking—isn’t this only a benefit when the weather is warm in sunny? The answer…no way! Every true antique hunter, fashionista and [missing word?] knows that you must be willing to go through obstacles to reach the pinnacle fashion finds. (Long lines, over-crowded fitting rooms, crowded spaces, waking up early to catch the deal, the list can go on and on.) But, with these sacrifices you’ll find that if they’re made towards the right avenues then they always pay off. At Hell's Kitchen Flea Market & Chelsea Flea go in with an open mind but know what you’re looking for (e.g. structured, well-cared for essentials to embellish my wardrobe). This starting point helps eliminate the items that don’t meet the status quo but also pave the way for new items that you wouldn’t have been ‘hunting’ for.

5.)    The joy of a good deal. Unlike your typical vintage clothing store, at the markets there is room for negotiation. Meaning that the price is not set in stone and that most of the time vendors are willing to negotiate from their asking price if an offer is within reason.

6.)    They’re in great neighborhoods. Whether you’re a tourist wandering through tourist attractions in NYC or a local native that’s running errands on their weekend, Chelsea & Hell’s Kitchen are great NYC neighborhoods to peruse and shop. They give tourists the feel of “real NYC life” and locals at home, encompassed by a neighborhood-like vibe.

7.)    The Vendors—nowhere in NYC will you find a group of individuals like these vendors. They’re savvy entrepreneurs that are extremely well-versed and experienced in what they sell at the markets. Not only can they tell you the history behind an item but they almost always have a unique story too.

8.)    The other shoppers—shopping in NYC can feel like the survival of the fittest. But even on the busiest days at the markets you’ll still find that shopping remains a pleasant experience walking through the spacious aisles of the markets.

9.)    Get a taste of “Old New York”—yes, we’ve all heard the phrase but if you’re under 30 or you’re a NYC transplant then it may not be something that you’re acquainted with. The markets encompass over 30 years of NYC history before the days of eBay, Etsy and the like. They were and still exist as the prime outdoor shopping experience each weekend in the heart of NYC.

10.) Find something new, that’s old! Let’s face it, old is the new new! And with fashion trends reverting to yesteryears the antiques, vintage & collectibles that you can find at the markets are treasured finds.