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Shop Like a Pro: Tip #6

Annex Markets

Bring Your Friends

For a weekend trip to the market, one of the best ways to spend it is with friends. Wake up early, grab a friend or two and make your way to brunch and your favorite market. Here are our favorite reasons, besides the obvious ones, why you should bring your friends along with you to the markets.

a.)    Get some good advice: it’s true; friends really do give the best advice. They know you and they’re trustworthy to let you know if that vintage sweater will really bring out your best features.

b.)    Second (third, fourth, fifth set of eyes): when you shop alone there’s always going to be something that you miss. A good companion or two is going to help you be on the look-out for the must-have items on your list.

c.)     Always a fun time: let’s face it, friends can definitely make a trip to the market or anywhere more fun. If you’re new to the city, be brave and make friends on the way or even at the market!

Stay tuned for more tips to keep you shopping like a pro!