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Shop Like a Pro: Tip #4

Annex Markets

Do Your Research

The markets are a great place for avid collectors to go and find one-of-a-kind and rare items to add to their collections. Whether you’re a collector of fine arts, antiques or comic books it’s good to do your research about your collection to make you a savvier shopper.

Here are some key things to remember.

Research gives you a keen eye:

When you know what to look for you know when to buy and when to wait. Sometimes an impulse buy is a great feeling but every good collector knows that the strategic buys are even better, and the payoff is high dividends in the long run.

Network with like-minded collectors:

Who says you have to do all of the work alone? By socializing with other individuals who are equipped with a similar expertise you can expect to learn and grow a lot in a more casual way.

Ask an expert:

There are some questions that only life experience can truly answer. For these baffling queries don’t be afraid to consult an expert. In most cases they’ll be glad to share at least one of their best tips.