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Market Muse: Bringing Home the Oscars

Annex Markets

It’s been nearly a week since the airing of the Oscars but the buzz is still humming along. Fashion experts can’t get enough of all of attire, hairstyles and accessories that clad the red carpet of the awards show. What practical takeaways can you bring home?

Stay true to you: remember, your fashion is a reflection of what you like. Not what you think you should like and not what others tell you to like. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Worth the spend: okay so there’s always going to be that one item (or sometimes a plethora) that is just way beyond budget. In this case, consider the cost with this fashion math equation.

Item Cost/ # of Predicted Wears = Cost per wear

A nice winter coat, sturdy fashionable boots, or an essential bag is always worth the cost. You know you’ll wear them every week and if you love it, you’ll most likely wear it even more! These items are worth the cost.

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