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A Very Vintage Holiday

Annex Markets

There really is something magical about the holiday season in New York City. Thousands of tourists and residents alike fill the city streets to shop and explore all the wondrous activities of the season.

Our friend, Bob Richter, gives some great advice about how to incorporate vintage into your holiday décor. Click here to watch the video.

Here are some of our favorite vintage holiday additions:

Vintage Santa decorations: If you can find a vintage Saint Nicholas then you’ve found a rare find. It’s a nostalgic, precious way to remember the Christmases of the past with your family & friends.

Cheers! Vintage crystal punch bowl and glasses: they’re perfect for parties and to keep on display all year round. Serve up a batch of egg nog or party punch for a simple elegant addition to your holiday festivities.

Sterling Silver Menorah: This prize was scoped up in the summertime but it’s the perfect example of some of the holiday treasures you can find at the markets. Still in pristine condition, all in needs is a polish and it takes Hanukkah festivities to another level.

Vintage board games: what better way is there to spend some quality time with loved ones than a classic board game?  Discover a new one or cherish an old favorite.