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Throwback to Todd Oldham’s GARAGE Totes

Annex Markets

Stroll back in time with us to an earlier era in New York City. The year was 1994. The Antiques Garage had just opened and the party had just begun. Led by Todd Oldham, the Antiques Garage opening party marked a turning point in New York City flea market history.

Brimming long before the days when flea markets were common and trendy, the Antiques Garage made a statement by heading down uncharted territory bringing a year-round, weekend flea market inside to a 2-story, decades old, concrete parking garage. This meant shelter from the elements and a unique new place to call home for hundreds of vendors.

The rubble, lingering memories, the echoes of stories and if you’re lucky, one of Todd Oldham’s totes are what’s left of the Antiques Garage.

Designed especially for the opening party based upon his idea of spelling out “The Garage” in block lettering comprised of common flea market finds, Oldham’s totes were hot from the start & sold out quickly amongst shoppers and vendors alike. This is not only the first memory that the Antiques Garage made but one of our favorites over the years.

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