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Carry a Good Cause with You

Annex Markets

Love artists?

Love Hell’s Kitchen?

Looking for a way that you can support the arts community?

Give back with the Hell’s Kitchen Foundation. The Hell’s Kitchen Foundation is a 501(c)3 that was established to provide financial assistance to artists living in Hell’s Kitchen. As the cost of living continues to increase it’s become increasingly difficult to live in Hell’s Kitchen while working as an artist.

All proceeds from the sales of t-shirts and totes go to the Hell’s Kitchen Foundation. So whenever you purchase any of our totes & tees at the information booth at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, you’ll be carrying a good cause with you wherever you go!

Donation Equations --curious how your purchase will make a difference?

1 t-shirt = 1/3 utility bill for the average artist

5 t-shirts = art supplies for 1 month

20 t-shirts = 1 week’s rent