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Market Muse: Vintage Military Style

Annex Markets

From the barracks to the runway, military style is on the move: from boots to blazers and  berets, there’s so many different ways to express this fashion style.

Take inspiration from vintage military basics that evoke a quality of the earlier eras. Here are 3 tips to remember when you’re shopping for vintage military apparel.

Traditional Neutrals: our favorite military inspired fashions are in the shades of navy, olive, tan and black. These color pallets are not only an authentic representation but they also mesh well with anything, which means more fashion freedom in pairing your outfits.

Look at the Buttons: the buttons can tell you the difference between an authentic vintage piece and one of lesser quality. Don’t just look for fancy buttons, evaluate the actual composition. Is it plastic with gold colored coating? Or are they brass buttons that resonate a more authentic quality.

The Cut & Embellishment: the cut of a jacket can take it from a boxy basic to a fitted classic. Look for jackets that are tailored with simple embellishments like a strong, high collar or flared tail.

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