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Market Moments: Annex Markets through Your Eyes

Annex Markets

Do you love taking photos and love shopping at the markets? We do too! Want to show off your photography flair with and share your personalized experience at the markets through your lens? Here's how you can be a part of our new Market Moments!

  1. Snap photos of your “market moments” on your smartphone or camera
  2. Tag @annexmarkets in your post & include fun hashtags like #marketmoments #chelseaflea #hkfm
  3. Share your photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of your favorite market moments and make sure to follow us @annexmarkets

What is a Market Moment?
Market Moments can be something you bought, a photo with your favorite vendor, a group photo with your friends at the market! Basically, we want to see the moments you love the most shopping at the markets each weekend. At the end of the week we’ll pick a Friday Favorite and a big thanks to everyone who submitted!