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Market Muse: Vintage is King

Annex Markets

As fashion week is coming to a close one thing that we have seen consistently from the runway is that vintage is still king!

While some may have a visionary impression of vintage that resonates with a tacky trend from their youthful past, the most important thing to recognize about vintage clothing is that it is not a trend but rather a source of inspiration for many of the modern fashions that we find in stores today.

If you’re new to vintage, here’s a brief lesson on what to look for when shopping:

Asymmetrical Jacket inspired by vintage design from the 19th Century

Asymmetrical Jacket inspired by vintage design from the 19th Century

18th Century:  Sharp, square neckline. Look for vintage pieces from this century that have this distinguished neckline to add character to your outfit and to elongate your neck.

19th Century: Opt for asymmetrical. The beauty of fashion is making something normally offsetting to be appealing.  Jackets from the 19th century embodied the asymmetrical cut that is frequently found in modern jackets and skirts.

20th Century: Search for a cinched waistline. You don’t have to be a size zero to look fabulous in an outfit with a form-fitting waistline. Look for vintage dresses that have it naturally built in or create it yourself through a fashionable belt.

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