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A Vintage Spin on a Holiday Table Setting

Annex Markets

It’s Labor Day weekend and what would a holiday weekend be without a picnic or BBQ? Look to the markets to create a modern vintage spin on your table setting.


1.)    Cheers to vintage glassware! Vintage glassware is a great find at the markets to add a little flair to your dining experience. As a rule of thumb, keep the glasses consistent in size but mix and match with tints and designs.
2.)    Decorative napkins— vintage fabrics are often superior in quality and durability so if you can score a bundle at the markets then you’ve found a deal. Give them a delicate wash and you’re ready to go.
3.)    Vintage Vase: every table setting is not complete without a centerpiece. So why not choose a large vintage vase & fill it with fresh lemons for a twist of practical style.