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Market Muse: Warm up Your Wardrobe

Annex Markets

A burst of cold weather mixed with occasional warmer temperatures can make dressing for the weather a coveted skill.  How can you mix a fashion sense with unpredictable, fickle weather? Work in layers. Think of layers as accessories; items that embellish an outfit to make it into a brand new look without compromising the overall aesthetics of an outfit. Layers not only provide much needed warmth on the cooler days but they provide versatility to work with any look.

When considering pieces to layer, here’s what you can keep in mind:

  • Keep the base layers fitting snuggly to the body to avoid an excessively bulky style.
  • Think outside of the box of traditional layering and incorporate your favorite cape or wrap.
  • Hands down we love hats. No matter the style, a hat is a cool weather accessory that shields against the wind chill with an added bonus of preserving your hair style.  

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