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Our Friends in the Kitchen

Annex Markets

The beloved community of Hell’s Kitchen, including Hell’s Kitchen “South” (below West 42nd Street), continues to grow and revive itself with an array of shops, restaurants and community activities. Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market has played a role in building the community alongside many others.  Get to know our friend, the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project.

Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project, an initiative of Metro Baptist Church (West 40th Street), is a rooftop farm bringing fresh produce into the city soil. Their rooftop farm is facilitated through 52 raised beds (kiddie pools) to strategically grow a plethora of fresh produce to support the community. In addition to their rooftop farm they serve the Hell’s Kitchen Community with a food pantry and farm education.

This year, they are celebrating their fourth growing & educational season with their Urban Harvest Celebration on Tuesday, November 11th. This evening will be full of homemade food, fun activities and a tour of their garden. Be a part of this community celebration to help Hell’s Kitchen continue to grow and thrive.