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Market Muse: The Perfect Vintage Black Dress

Annex Markets

When the occasion strikes and you have absolutely nothing to wear, it’s time to resort to every women’s closet’s best friend, the little black dress. Whether it cascades or drapes, snugs or tugs, this is a must-have style essential. When shopping for a perfect black dress, consider going vintage with your look. Here are some fashion icons from the past that resonate with the most notable vintage styles.

Jackie O A-line & Waistline: look for a dress with an A-line fit that trims in perfectly at the waist. It’s an elegant classic look that keeps on reinventing itself in modern fashion.

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

Lucille Ball Flare: when I think of vintage flare I can’t help but think of an episode of I Love Lucy with Lucille Ball. Her iconic flared dresses resonated with fashion style of the 50s era and yet still remains a classic look to this day.

Dorothy Dandridge Neckline: she dazzled the stage and screen with her talent and her fashion that always met with the perfect neckline. Whether it was square, draped or V-neck she always made it look glamorous.

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